Executive & Staff (Bradford Bulldogs)

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BWGMHA Administration Office

PO Box 383
Bradford, Ontario
L3Z 2A9

Office open by appointment only

General Email Inquiries or to book an appointment: [email protected] 

List of Executive Members
  • Paul Dossey
    Executive Photo
    Phone: 905-251-6221 (h)
  • Paul Camenzuli
    Executive Photo
    Past President
    Phone: 905-775-8017 (h)
  • David Heath
    Executive Photo
    VP Operations (Rep, OMHA & YSMHL Delegate)
    Phone: 888-350-6519 (w)
  • Roy Chiarot
    Executive Photo
    VP Local League (SRMHL Delegate)
    Phone: 905-717-5848 (c)
  • Rob Matthews
    Executive Photo
    VP of House League
  • Dave Sedgewick
    Executive Photo
    Risk Management Director
    Phone: 416-559-0822 (h)
  • Cindy Styles
    Executive Photo
  • Jody Mott
    Executive Photo
    Phone: 905-868-6737 (c)
  • Michelle Murdock
    Executive Photo
    Phone: 905-955-1794 (h)
  • John Reilly
    Executive Photo
    Technical Director
    Phone: 905-715-3947 (c)
  • Jeff Nazzer
    Executive Photo
    Equipment Director
    Phone: 905-955-0782 (h)
  • Allison Fraser
    Executive Photo
    Events Director
    Phone: 905-778-9610 (h)
  • Alison Domingues
    Executive Photo
    Marketing Director
    Phone: 905-775-2410 (h)
  • Nicole Marinucci
    Executive Photo
    Tournament Director
    Phone: 905-551-0843 (h)
  • Nadia Steyn
    Executive Photo
    Assistant Tournament Director
    Phone: 905-778-0993 (h)
List of Staff
  • Shannon Gardiner
    Staff Photo
    Phone: 905-775-8686 (h) 905-778-0471 (w) 905-778-0471 (c)
  • Nancy Bateman
    Staff Photo
    Book Keeper
    Phone: 905-775-2441 (h)
  • Daniel Ellis
    Staff Photo
    Referee in Chief
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