Schedule & Results, Bradford Blue and Gold - HL/LL, RS/MD Tournament - January 18, 19, 20, 2019, 2018-2019 (Bradford Bulldogs)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, January 18, 2019
NOVICE RSA219:00 AMBF North Toronto Black 1-0Humber Valley Sharks Blue
NOVICE RSB319:00 AMBLCBLUE Vaughan JCC Beast 8-1Victoria Village White
ATOM RS409:15 AMBLCGREEN Aurora Tigers 0-6Vaughan JCC Beast
NOVICE RSB2210:00 AMBF Aurora Tigers 2-2Leaside Flames Black
ATOM HL3210:00 AMBLCBLUE Oakridge MA 1-4Cambridge Devils MA
ATOM RS4110:15 AMBLCGREEN Innisfil Winterhawks 5-2Leaside Flames Red
MPEEWEE HL111:00 AMCIS #1 Oakville Red Hawks 3-10Oakville Rangers
MPEEWEE HL2311:00 AMBF Port Credit Storm 0-8North London Nationals
NOVICE HL3311:00 AMBLCBLUE Kitchener Wild 7-0Elmvale Coyotes
M ATOM RS5311:00 AMIRC Red Oakville Rangers - Gunn 3-6Burlington Bulldogs
NOVICE RSB4211:15 AMBLCGREEN New Hamburg Huskies 9-1Bradford Bulldogs
ATOM HL4711:15 AMIRC GOLD Thorold Blackhawks 6-0Barrie Silver Knights
NOVICE RSB1111:30 AMCIS #2 Guelph Jr. Gryphons 4-1Duffield Devils Silver
MPEEWEE RS212:00 PMCIS #1 Stouffville Clippers 1-4Waterloo Wolves
ATOM HL2412:00 PMBF French River Rapids 8-2Bradford Bulldogs - Purple
MPEEWEE RS3412:00 PMBLCBLUE Oakville Rangers - Green 1-2Cambridge Hawks
BANTAM HL5412:00 PMIRC Red Shelburne Wolves 0-5Ilderton Jets
ATOM HL4312:15 PMBLCGREEN Erindale Spitfires #56 3-0Cambridge Jets MA
NOVICE HL4812:15 PMIRC GOLD French River Rapids 0-7Richmond Hill
BANTAM HL1212:30 PMCIS #2 Waterloo Wolves Pillers 9-2Lambton Shores Predators
ATOM RS251:00 PMBF Bradford Bulldogs 0-9Sarnia Sabers
ATOM RS31:00 PMCIS #1 Vaughan JCC Beast 3-0Innisfil Winterhawks
BANTAM HL351:00 PMBLCBLUE East Nipissing Vipers 1-4Cambridge Orange Justice
M ATOM RS551:00 PMIRC Red Stouffville Clippers 5-5Richmond Hill Stars
BANTAM HL441:15 PMBLCGREEN Cambridge Predators 0-5Lucan Irish
NOVICE HL491:15 PMIRC GOLD Stittsville RAMS B5 1-5Point Edward Blackhawks
ATOM RS131:30 PMCIS #2 Embrun Panthers 0-6Vaughan Rangers - Blue
ATOM HL262:00 PMBF Hespeler Shamrocks 3-2Kanata Fortknights
ATOM HL362:00 PMBLCBLUE Sudbury Thunderbirds 6-2Copper Cliff Golden Knights
NOVICE RSB42:00 PMCIS #1 Vaughan JCC Beast 7-1Aurora Tigers
PEEWEE HL562:00 PMIRC Red Nepean Hurricanes (Team H) 0-2North London Nationals C6
ATOM RS452:15 PMBLCGREEN Kanata Knights A4 3-1Erindale Spitfires
PEEWEE HL502:15 PMIRC GOLD Nepean Raiders C 1-3Rayside Tigercats
MPEEWEE HL142:30 PMCIS #2 Oakville Rangers 12-0Port Credit Storm
PEEWEE HL273:00 PMBF Almonte Pakenham Thunder 8-0Bradford Bulldogs Orange
NOVICE RSA373:00 PMBLCBLUE Vaughan Rangers White 4-3London Bandits
NOVICE RSB573:00 PMIRC Red Victoria Village White 1-12Cumberland Dukes A2
NOVICE RSB463:15 PMBLCGREEN Duffield Devils Silver 3-1Bradford Bulldogs
BANTAM HL513:15 PMIRC GOLD Bradford Bulldogs 3-1Thorold Blackhawks
NOVICE RSB153:30 PMCIS #2 Leaside Flames Black 4-7Guelph Jr. Gryphons
MPEEWEE RS284:00 PMBF George Bell Black 0-5Oakville Rangers - Green
MPEEWEE RS384:00 PMBLCBLUE Cambridge Hawks 4-1Stouffville Clippers
MPEEWEE HL54:00 PMCIS #1 North London Nationals 2-1Oakville Red Hawks
BANTAM HL584:00 PMIRC Red Wainfleet Wild 5-6Shelburne Wolves
NOVICE HL524:15 PMIRC GOLD Kitchener Wild 5-1Richmond Hill
ATOM HL164:30 PMCIS #2 Cambridge Jets MA 4-1Oakridge MA
ATOM HL295:00 PMBF Erindale Spitfires #56 0-5Thorold Blackhawks
M ATOM RS395:00 PMBLCBLUE Burlington Bulldogs 8-1Stouffville Clippers
NOVICE RSB65:00 PMCIS #1 North Toronto Gold 1-6New Hamburg Huskies
M ATOM RS175:30 PMCIS #2 Richmond Hill Stars 0-3Oakville Rangers - Gunn
ATOM HL306:00 PMBF Copper Cliff Golden Knights 4-1Bradford Bulldogs - Purple
ATOM HL76:00 PMCIS #1 Barrie Silver Knights 3-3Nepean Lumberjacks (Team L)
ATOM RS186:30 PMCIS #2 Nepean Express 6-1Leaside Flames- Monson
PEEWEE HL87:00 PMCIS #1 North London Nationals C6 1-0Carleton Place Kings B
PEEWEE HL197:30 PMCIS #2 Bradford Bulldogs Orange 1-1Nepean Hurricanes (Team H)
PEEWEE HL98:00 PMCIS #1 Almonte Pakenham Thunder 2-4Nepean Raiders C
BANTAM HL208:30 PMCIS #2 Lucan Irish 3-4Waterloo Wolves Pillers
BANTAM HL109:00 PMCIS #1 Thorold Blackhawks 0-5Wainfleet Wild
Saturday, January 19, 2019
NOVICE RSB598:00 AMCIS #1 New Hamburg Huskies 7-0Leaside Flames Black
NOVICE RSB878:00 AMBF Aurora Tigers 0-4Duffield Devils Silver
NOVICE RSB738:30 AMCIS #2 Guelph Jr. Gryphons 7-1Victoria Village White
ATOM RS609:00 AMCIS #1 Vaughan Rangers - Blue 4-2Kanata Knights A4
ATOM HL889:00 AMBF Thorold Blackhawks 8-0Cambridge Devils MA
NOVICE RSB749:30 AMCIS #2 Bradford Bulldogs 4-4North Toronto Gold
MPEEWEE RS6110:00 AMCIS #1 Stouffville Clippers 3-0George Bell Black
ATOM HL8910:00 AMBF Nepean Lumberjacks (Team L) 8-3Cambridge Jets MA
ATOM HL7510:30 AMCIS #2 Barrie Silver Knights 2-5Kanata Fortknights
ATOM RS6211:00 AMCIS #1 Sarnia Sabers 8-2Aurora Tigers
ATOM HL9011:00 AMBF Hespeler Shamrocks 2-6French River Rapids
ATOM RS7611:30 AMCIS #2 Erindale Spitfires 1-4Nepean Express
ATOM RS6312:00 PMCIS #1 Leaside Flames Red 5-0Bradford Bulldogs
ATOM RS9112:00 PMBF Leaside Flames- Monson 2-5Embrun Panthers
PEEWEE HL7712:30 PMCIS #2 Nepean Raiders C 0-4North London Nationals C6
PEEWEE HL1051:00 PMHOLLINGS Nepean Hurricanes (Team H) 3-0Carleton Place Kings B
NOVICE RSA641:00 PMCIS #1 Humber Valley Sharks Blue 1-6Vaughan Rangers White
PEEWEE HL921:00 PMBF Bradford Bulldogs Orange 1-3Rayside Tigercats
ATOM HL781:30 PMCIS #2 Bradford Bulldogs - Purple 4-1Oakridge MA
BANTAM HL1062:00 PMHOLLINGS Ilderton Jets 8-0Cambridge Predators
NOVICE RSB652:00 PMCIS #1 Cumberland Dukes A2 7-0North Toronto Gold
ATOM HL932:00 PMBF Nepean Lumberjacks (Team L) 1-6Sudbury Thunderbirds
M ATOM RS1032:30 PMSTROUD Stouffville Clippers 0-12Oakville Rangers - Gunn
NOVICE RSA792:30 PMCIS #2 London Bandits 1-1North Toronto Black
BANTAM HL1073:00 PMHOLLINGS Lambton Shores Predators 6-1Cambridge Orange Justice
NOVICE HL663:00 PMCIS #1 Elmvale Coyotes 3-3French River Rapids
ATOM HL943:00 PMBF Cambridge Devils MA 0-12French River Rapids
NOVICE HL1043:30 PMSTROUD Richmond Hill 3-2Stittsville RAMS B5
NOVICE HL803:30 PMCIS #2 Point Edward Blackhawks 4-4Kitchener Wild
M ATOM RS674:00 PMCIS #1 Richmond Hill Stars 0-4Burlington Bulldogs
BANTAM HL954:00 PMBF Shelburne Wolves 0-2Bradford Bulldogs
BANTAM HL814:30 PMCIS #2 Wainfleet Wild 5-1East Nipissing Vipers
ATOM RS1085:00 PMHOLLINGS Aurora Tigers 3-1Leaside Flames- Monson
ATOM RS685:00 PMCIS #1 Innisfil Winterhawks 2-5Sarnia Sabers
ATOM HL825:30 PMCIS #2 Kanata Fortknights 4-4Bradford Bulldogs - Purple
ATOM RS1096:00 PMHOLLINGS Embrun Panthers 3-3Erindale Spitfires
ATOM HL696:00 PMCIS #1 Sudbury Thunderbirds 10-3Hespeler Shamrocks
ATOM HL1006:30 PMBEETON Erindale Spitfires #56 0-6Copper Cliff Golden Knights
ATOM RS836:30 PMCIS #2 Nepean Express 0-2Vaughan Rangers - Blue
MPEEWEE HL1107:00 PMHOLLINGS Oakville Rangers 1-5North London Nationals
MPEEWEE HL707:00 PMCIS #1 Oakville Red Hawks 5-1Port Credit Storm
PEEWEE HL1017:30 PMBEETON Almonte Pakenham Thunder 0-4Rayside Tigercats
NOVICE RSB847:30 PMCIS #2 Vaughan JCC Beast 4-5Cumberland Dukes A2
ATOM RS718:00 PMCIS #1 Leaside Flames Red 4-7Vaughan JCC Beast
PEEWEE HL968:00 PMBF Bradford Bulldogs Orange 3-8Carleton Place Kings B
ATOM RS988:00 PMBLCBLUE Kanata Knights A4 12-0Bradford Bulldogs
BANTAM HL1028:30 PMBEETON Cambridge Predators 1-7Lambton Shores Predators
MPEEWEE RS858:30 PMCIS #2 Waterloo Wolves 1-2Cambridge Hawks
BANTAM HL729:00 PMCIS #1 Waterloo Wolves Pillers 2-1Ilderton Jets
BANTAM HL979:00 PMBF Bradford Bulldogs 3-1Wainfleet Wild
BANTAM HL999:00 PMBLCBLUE Cambridge Orange Justice 0-3Lucan Irish
BANTAM HL869:30 PMCIS #2 East Nipissing Vipers 1-3Thorold Blackhawks
Sunday, January 20, 2019
NOVICE RSA1117:00 AMCIS #1 Humber Valley Sharks Blue 3-5London Bandits
NOVICE RSB128 - SF7:15 AMBLCGREEN Guelph Jr. Gryphons 1-9Cumberland Dukes A2
NOVICE RSA1177:30 AMCIS #2 North Toronto Black 1-7Vaughan Rangers White
NOVICE HL1128:00 AMCIS #1 French River Rapids 0-12Point Edward Blackhawks
ATOM HL132-SF8:00 AMBEETON Sudbury Thunderbirds 3-2French River Rapids
NOVICE RSB129 - SF8:20 AMBLCGREEN Vaughan JCC Beast 2-3New Hamburg Huskies
NOVICE HL1188:30 AMCIS #2 Stittsville RAMS B5 3-3Elmvale Coyotes
ATOM HL133-SF9:05 AMBEETON Copper Cliff Golden Knights 1-4Thorold Blackhawks
ATOM RS130 - SF9:25 AMBLCGREEN Vaughan JCC Beast 0-2Sarnia Sabers
MPEEWEE RS1199:30 AMCIS #2 Oakville Rangers - Green 2-3Waterloo Wolves
ATOM RS124 - SF10:00 AMBLCBLUE Kanata Knights A4 1-3Vaughan Rangers - Blue
PEEWEE HL134 - SF10:10 AMBEETON Nepean Hurricanes (Team H) 9-4Rayside Tigercats
M ATOM RS120 - F10:30 AMCIS #2 Oakville Rangers - Gunn 1-2Burlington Bulldogs
BANTAM HL131 - SF10:30 AMBLCGREEN Ilderton Jets 3-2Waterloo Wolves Pillers
MPEEWEE RS11311:00 AMCIS #1 Cambridge Hawks 4-0George Bell Black
BANTAM HL125 - SF11:05 AMBLCBLUE Lucan Irish 5-2Bradford Bulldogs
PEEWEE HL135 - SF11:15 AMBEETON Almonte Pakenham Thunder 1-3North London Nationals C6
NOVICE HL121 - F11:45 AMCIS #2 Kitchener Wild 0-2Point Edward Blackhawks
NOVICE RSA114 - F12:00 PMCIS #1 London Bandits 2-8Vaughan Rangers White
NOVICE RSB126 - F12:10 PMBLCBLUE Cumberland Dukes A2 2-0New Hamburg Huskies
ATOM HL136-F12:20 PMBEETON Sudbury Thunderbirds 3-2Thorold Blackhawks
MPEEWEE HL122 - F1:00 PMCIS #2 Oakville Rangers 2-1North London Nationals
MPEEWEE RS115 - F1:15 PMCIS #1 Waterloo Wolves 2-4Cambridge Hawks
ATOM RS127 - F1:25 PMBLCBLUE Sarnia Sabers 5-4Vaughan Rangers - Blue
PEEWEE HL123 - F2:15 PMCIS #2 Nepean Hurricanes (Team H) 1-0North London Nationals C6
BANTAM HL116 - F2:30 PMCIS #1 Lucan Irish 1-3Ilderton Jets
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