Schedule & Results, Bradford Blue and Gold - HL/LL, RS/MD Tournament - November 30, December 1/2 2018, 2018-2019 (Bradford Bulldogs)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, November 30, 2018
ATOM HL409:30 AMBLCGREEN St. George Generals 3-2Whitby Wildcats #9
PEEWEE RS2210:00 AMBF Vaughan JCC Beast 1-3Peterborough 47's
NOVICE RS3110:00 AMBLC BLUE Pickering Panthers 0-9Don Mills Mustangs
MATOMRS4610:00 AMSAC York Mills Rangers Blue 4-2Goulding Park Rangers
NOVICE RS1110:30 AMCIS 2 Oshawa Falcons 1-8Avenue Roads Ducks
MPEEWEEHL4110:30 AMBLCGREEN Oakville Rangers Renton 0-4Whitby Wildcats
NOVICE RS111:00 AMCIS 1 Port Credit Storm 2-4Ted Reeve Tornados
MATOMRS2311:00 AMBF Port Credit Storm 0-7York Mills Rangers
PEEWEE RS3211:00 AMBLC BLUE Port Credit Storm 0-1Don Mill Mustangs
PEEWEE RS4711:00 AMSAC Halton Hills Thunder 3-0Leaside Flames
ATOM HL5811:00 AMIRC RED Oakville Rangers 14-0Essa Eagles
PEEWEEHL5211:15 AMIRC GOLD Oakville Firebirds 6-0Barrie House League
MPEEWEEHL1211:30 AMCIS 2 Port Credit Storm 2-0Whitby Blue Knights
NOVICE RS4211:30 AMBLCGREEN North York Knights - White 0-5Erindale Spitfires
PEEWEEHL212:00 PMCIS 1 Richmond Hill #2 1-1St. George Generals
PEEWEEHL2412:00 PMBF Oakville Phantoms 11-0Ennismore Eagles
MATOMRS3312:00 PMBLC BLUE Peterborough 47’s 0-5Lorne Park Wild
MPEEWEEHL4812:00 PMSAC Oakville Rangers (Silver) 0-4West London Hawks 45
PEEWEEHL5912:00 PMIRC RED Barrie Black -Calvert 7-1Oakville White
BANTAM MD5312:15 PMIRC GOLD West London Hawks 9-0TNT Tornados
NOVICE RS1312:30 PMCIS 2 George Bell - White 12-0Peterborough Select 47s
BANTAM HL4312:30 PMBLCGREEN Stittsville B2 2-2Pet Valu Icedogs
PEEWEE RS251:00 PMBF Nepean Fort-Knights 7-2Vaughan JCC Beast
PEEWEEHL31:00 PMCIS 1 TNT Tornados 1-1Lorne Park Clarkson Wild
BANTAM HL341:00 PMBLC BLUE NorthShore Energy Outfitters 3-1Cumberland Dukes B3
BANTAM HL491:00 PMSAC Nepean Aces 1-2Parry Sound Shamrocks
BANTAM HL601:00 PMIRC RED Nepean Raiders Team E 7-0Stittsville Rams - Harris
BANTAM HL541:15 PMIRC GOLD Kingston Church Athletic League 5-0Cumberland Dukes B6
NOVICE RS141:30 PMCIS 2 Cumberland Dukes A1 2-4Leaside Flames - White
BANTAM MD441:30 PMBLCGREEN South End Capitals 2-1Nepean Vortex
BANTAM HL262:00 PMBF Cumberland Dukes B8 2-3West Carleton Warriors B4
BANTAM HL352:00 PMBLC BLUE Stittsville Rams B4 3-1Leitrim Hawks B1
NOVICE RS42:00 PMCIS 1 Avenue Roads Ducks 12-0Pickering Panthers
BANTAM RS502:00 PMSAC Kitchener Rangers 1-1Northumberland Nighthawks
PEEWEE RS612:00 PMIRC RED Nepean - Lehman 1-5Peterborough 47's
PEEWEEHL552:15 PMIRC GOLD Kanata B2 0-3Nepean Raiders
BANTAM HL152:30 PMCIS 2 Barrie #2 - Gold 1-8West Carleton B2
BANTAM RS452:30 PMBLCGREEN Nepean Raiders 1-1Cumberland Dukes A1
PEEWEE RS273:00 PMBF Cumberland Dukes 1-4Halton Hills Thunder
ATOM HL363:00 PMBLC BLUE Kanata Reapers 0-7Oakville Rangers
ATOM HL513:00 PMSAC Essa Eagles 8-0Nepean Eagles Team E
MATOMRS623:00 PMIRC RED Port Credit Storm 3-3York Mills Rangers Blue
PEEWEEHL563:15 PMIRC GOLD Oakville Firebirds 2-7Stittsville B8
NOVICE RS163:30 PMCIS 2 Erindale Spitfires 4-2Stittsville A2
PEEWEEHL284:00 PMBF Barrie House League 1-14Stittsville B6
MPEEWEEHL374:00 PMBLC BLUE Whitby Wildcats 7-0Port Credit Storm
PEEWEE RS54:00 PMCIS 1 WEHL A2 Flames 3-2Leaside Flames
MPEEWEEHL634:00 PMIRC RED Oakville Rangers Renton 0-5West London Hawks 45
NOVICE RS574:15 PMIRC GOLD Ted Reeve Tornados 8-2Oshawa Falcons
BANTAM MD174:30 PMCIS 2 TNT Tornados 2-2Cumberland Dukes
NOVICE RS295:00 PMBF Leitrim Hawks A1 5-2North York Knights - White
PEEWEEHL385:00 PMBLC BLUE Oakville Phantoms 4-0Stittsville Rams B1
NOVICE RS65:00 PMCIS 1 Port Credit Storm 3-0Peterborough Select 47s
PEEWEEHL185:30 PMCIS 2 Ennismore Eagles 1-9Valley East Dominion Construction Bulldogs
BANTAM HL306:00 PMBF Pet Valu Icedogs 4-1West Carleton Warriors B4
BANTAM HL396:00 PMBLC BLUE Kingston Church Athletic League 9-1Leitrim Hawks B1
NOVICE RS76:00 PMCIS 1 George Bell - White 0-1Cumberland Dukes A1
BANTAM MD196:30 PMCIS 2 Nepean Vortex 1-10West London Hawks
BANTAM HL87:00 PMCIS 1 Cumberland Dukes B8 11-2Barrie #2 - Gold
BANTAM RS207:30 PMCIS 2 Cumberland Dukes A1 3-0Kitchener Rangers
BANTAM HL98:00 PMCIS 1 Stittsville Rams - Harris 1-6Parry Sound Shamrocks
BANTAM HL218:30 PMCIS 2 Nepean Raiders Team E 5-3NorthShore Energy Outfitters
BANTAM HL109:00 PMCIS 1 Cumberland Dukes B3 2-3Stittsville Rams B4
Saturday, December 1, 2018
NOVICE RS648:00 AMCIS 1 Leaside Flames - White 3-3Stittsville A2
NOVICE RS928:00 AMBF Don Mills Mustangs 4-5Leitrim Hawks A1
MPEEWEEHL788:30 AMCIS 2 Whitby Wildcats 5-0Oakville Rangers (Silver)
PEEWEE RS659:00 AMCIS 1 Don Mill Mustangs 3-1WEHL A2 Flames
PEEWEE RS939:00 AMBF Halton Hills Thunder 4-3Nepean Fort-Knights
PEEWEE RS799:30 AMCIS 2 Leaside Flames 5-2Nepean - Lehman
PEEWEEHL6610:00 AMCIS 1 Oakville White 1-4Valley East Dominion Construction Bulldogs
ATOM HL9410:00 AMBF Nepean Eagles Team E 0-14Oakville Rangers
PEEWEE RS8010:30 AMCIS 2 Port Credit Storm 0-5Cumberland Dukes
BANTAM MD6711:00 AMCIS 1 Cumberland Dukes 0-7West London Hawks
ATOM HL9511:00 AMBF Kanata Reapers 4-0St. George Generals
PEEWEEHL8111:30 AMCIS 2 Lorne Park Clarkson Wild 0-7Oakville Phantoms
BANTAM HL6812:00 PMCIS 1 West Carleton B2 1-6Kingston Church Athletic League
MPEEWEEHL9612:00 PMBF West London Hawks 45 3-0Whitby Blue Knights
MATOMRS8212:30 PMCIS 2 Goulding Park Rangers 2-2Lorne Park Wild
ATOM HL1121:00 PMHOLLINGS Whitby Wildcats #9 3-3Essa Eagles
MATOMRS691:00 PMCIS 1 York Mills Rangers 8-0Peterborough 47’s
MPEEWEEHL971:00 PMBF Port Credit Storm 1-1Oakville Rangers Renton
PEEWEEHL831:30 PMCIS 2 Ennismore Eagles 1-1Kanata B2
PEEWEEHL1132:00 PMHOLLINGS St. George Generals 2-2Stittsville B6
PEEWEEHL702:00 PMCIS 1 Richmond Hill #2 0-0Nepean Raiders
PEEWEEHL982:00 PMBF Stittsville Rams B1 2-2Barrie Black -Calvert
PEEWEEHL842:30 PMCIS 2 TNT Tornados 7-0Stittsville B8
BANTAM MD1143:00 PMHOLLINGS Cumberland Dukes 4-2South End Capitals
NOVICE RS713:00 PMCIS 1 Stittsville A2 3-4George Bell - White
NOVICE RS993:00 PMBF Pickering Panthers 0-6Ted Reeve Tornados
NOVICE RS853:30 PMCIS 2 Peterborough Select 47s 0-15Erindale Spitfires
BANTAM HL1004:00 PMBF Nepean Aces 4-3Stittsville B2
BANTAM RS1154:00 PMHOLLINGS Northumberland Nighthawks 1-4Nepean Raiders
NOVICE RS724:00 PMCIS 1 Cumberland Dukes A1 2-0Port Credit Storm
BANTAM HL864:30 PMCIS 2 Cumberland Dukes B6 0-3West Carleton B2
PEEWEE RS1045:00 PMBLC BLUE Peterborough 47's 4-2WEHL A2 Flames
BANTAM HL1165:00 PMHOLLINGS NorthShore Energy Outfitters 4-2Stittsville Rams B4
NOVICE RS735:00 PMCIS 1 Leaside Flames - White 1-1Don Mills Mustangs
PEEWEE RS875:30 PMCIS 2 Nepean Fort-Knights 1-2Port Credit Storm
NOVICE RS1056:00 PMBLC BLUE Oshawa Falcons 1-6North York Knights - White
PEEWEEHL1176:00 PMHOLLINGS Kanata B2 2-2St. George Generals
PEEWEE RS746:00 PMCIS 1 Don Mill Mustangs 6-1Nepean - Lehman
BANTAM HL1096:30 PMBeeton Leitrim Hawks B1 0-6Cumberland Dukes B8
MPEEWEEHL886:30 PMCIS 2 Whitby Blue Knights 3-0Oakville Rangers (Silver)
MATOMRS1216:45 PMRAYTWIN York Mills Rangers Blue 4-1Peterborough 47’s
ATOM HL1067:00 PMBLC BLUE Whitby Wildcats #9 1-6Kanata Reapers
BANTAM HL1187:00 PMHOLLINGS Parry Sound Shamrocks 1-2Cumberland Dukes B3
NOVICE RS757:00 PMCIS 1 Leitrim Hawks A1 7-2Avenue Roads Ducks
ATOM HL1107:30 PMBeeton St. George Generals 16-0Nepean Eagles Team E
PEEWEEHL897:30 PMCIS 2 Lorne Park Clarkson Wild 2-3Richmond Hill #2
BANTAM MD1227:45 PMRAYTWIN TNT Tornados 2-6Nepean Vortex
PEEWEEHL1028:00 PMBF Stittsville B6 3-1Barrie Black -Calvert
PEEWEEHL1078:00 PMBLC BLUE Stittsville B8 7-3Oakville White
BANTAM RS1198:00 PMHOLLINGS Northumberland Nighthawks 2-6Cumberland Dukes A1
PEEWEE RS768:00 PMCIS 1 Vaughan JCC Beast 0-12Cumberland Dukes
PEEWEEHL1118:30 PMBeeton Stittsville Rams B1 9-0Barrie House League
PEEWEEHL908:30 PMCIS 2 Valley East Dominion Construction Bulldogs 3-0Oakville Firebirds
BANTAM MD1238:45 PMRAYTWIN West London Hawks 4-1South End Capitals
BANTAM HL1039:00 PMBF Cumberland Dukes B6 1-3Nepean Raiders Team E
BANTAM HL1089:00 PMBLC BLUE Pet Valu Icedogs 3-1Nepean Aces
BANTAM HL1209:00 PMHOLLINGS Barrie #2 - Gold 0-6Stittsville B2
BANTAM RS779:00 PMCIS 1 Nepean Raiders 5-1Kitchener Rangers
PEEWEEHL1019:15 PMBLCGREEN Nepean Raiders 2-5TNT Tornados
BANTAM HL919:30 PMCIS 2 West Carleton Warriors B4 6-3Stittsville Rams - Harris
Sunday, December 2, 2018
NOVICE RS138 - SF8:00 AMBeeton Leitrim Hawks A1 2-3Ted Reeve Tornados
NOVICE RS135 - SF8:15 AMBLCGREEN George Bell - White 0-5Erindale Spitfires
MATOMRS1399:05 AMBeeton Goulding Park Rangers 3-7Port Credit Storm
MATOMRS1369:20 AMBLCGREEN Lorne Park Wild 0-3York Mills Rangers
PEEWEEHL126 - SF9:30 AMCIS 2 Stittsville B6 2-3Valley East Dominion Construction Bulldogs
PEEWEE RS131 - SF10:00 AMBLC BLUE Halton Hills Thunder 4-0Peterborough 47's
BANTAM HL140 - SF10:05 AMBeeton Cumberland Dukes B8 1-2Kingston Church Athletic League
PEEWEE RS137 - SF10:20 AMBLCGREEN Cumberland Dukes 1-0Don Mill Mustangs
MPEEWEEHL127 - F10:35 AMCIS 2 West London Hawks 45 5-0Whitby Wildcats
ATOM HL124 - F11:00 AMCIS 1 Kanata Reapers 0-7Oakville Rangers
BANTAM HL132 - SF11:05 AMBLC BLUE Pet Valu Icedogs 2-3Nepean Raiders Team E
PEEWEEHL141 -SF11:10 AMBeeton TNT Tornados 0-7Oakville Phantoms
NOVICE RS128 - F11:50 AMCIS 2 Ted Reeve Tornados 1-5Erindale Spitfires
MATOMRS133 - F12:10 PMBLC BLUE York Mills Rangers Blue 0-1York Mills Rangers
BANTAM MD125 - F12:15 PMCIS 1 Cumberland Dukes 1-5West London Hawks
BANTAM RS142 - F12:15 PMBeeton Cumberland Dukes A1 2-3Nepean Raiders
PEEWEE RS129 - F1:05 PMCIS 2 Cumberland Dukes 3-2Halton Hills Thunder
BANTAM HL134 - F1:25 PMBLC BLUE Nepean Raiders Team E 2-3Kingston Church Athletic League
PEEWEEHL130 - F2:20 PMCIS 2 Valley East Dominion Construction Bulldogs 1-4Oakville Phantoms
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